Friday, December 19, 2014

Culture and Technology in Film Today

As people and culture change, films change. And as the different facets of film change, such as how people conduct themselves, and what subjects films are presenting change, people in society conduct themselves differently. Film has so much power to influence people, and vice versa. Culture and film lean on each other. A really good, current example is the current controversy surrounding the production of the film The Interview. In the film, the two main characters are hired by the FBI to kill Kim Jong-un, who is the current dictator of North Korea both in real life and in the film. North Korea in response hacked Sony and called the movie "an act of war". All of the major movie theater companies are now refusing to show the film when it is released. This just goes to show how much impact one film can have on a worldwide scale.

Technology continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid rate. As a filmmaker, it is impossible not to get swept up in the advancement, to become enthralled by "the next big thing". I think that it is important, as filmmakers, that we learn to step away from the hype and focus on what we are really trying to do, which is tell stories and affect people in some way.

I think it's impossible to determine who the audiences of the future will be. But I think that one thing that is for certain is that with the spread of technology, the audiences will be bigger than ever before. The things that we create will have the power to reach into the farthest corners of the world.

The industry of the future will gravitate more towards independent films, I think. This is already beginning to happen. People will always enjoy big-budget films, but I think that there will be and already is a greater respect and audience for films speaking from the heart.

The film we watched was very interesting to me. I think that he's definitely an artist. It's interesting to think that nothing we create really belongs to us once we release it. But I agree with the idea that for as long as we've been on this planet, we've been building on each other's knowledge and expanding it. I think the same is true for art, and on a more detailed scale cinema. We shouldn't be afraid to copy or mimic others in order to help us create something original. It's ingrained in each of us.

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